Letters to the Editor

July 23, 2014

Front page photo: just what Hamas wants

Re "Desolation in Gaza" (Page A1, July 22): The Bee's front-page photo of the destruction in Gaza -- just above the smaller photo of an Israeli woman grieving -- is exactly what Hamas wants for its public relations campaign. The human toll in Gaza is truly tragic, but the photo distorts the larger picture.

Hamas uses its citizenry as human shields and spends large sums of money, not on infrastructure for Gazans, but on building tunnels with which to infiltrate Israel and murder as many Israelis as possible, its end goal being the annihilation of the state of Israel. During these dark days, hopefully The Bee will not only show the picture that Hamas wants the world to see, but will also use a wider lens to show all sides of the situation.

-- Sharon Rogoff, Folsom

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