Letters to the Editor

July 23, 2014

Gaza photo highlights Hamas' evil

Re "Desolation of Gaza" (Page A1, July 22): The current loss of life in Israel and Gaza is beyond sad and regrettable. It illustrates a grand moral failure on the part of the terrorist perpetrators, Hamas.

Hamas fails on two counts. The first is its desire to destroy its neighbor Israel. This desire is embedded within the Hamas charter. The second grand moral failure is its total lack of compassion for its own citizens. The pictures of the devastation in Gaza reveal the depravity of Hamas that purposely cites its missiles, ammunition and command centers in hospitals, schools and mosques.

Hamas initiated this war, and Hamas is responsible for every death that has occurred. As a sovereign nation, Israel has the responsibility to protect its citizens. It's beyond pitiful that Hamas' hatred of Israel transcends its concern for the people of Gaza. For the sake of Gazans and Israelis, Hamas must be eliminated.

-- Matt Friedman, Sacramento

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