Letters to the Editor

July 24, 2014

Blame poverty, not teachers

Re "How local schools scored on SAT" (Our Region, July 22): Thank you, Phillip Reese, for putting out there so clearly what this educator has known for all of his 20 years teaching in Sacramento schools: "High schools in relatively wealthy areas tended to do better on the SAT than high schools with a large number of impoverished students."

This is not only true of the SAT, mind you. Research clearly shows a strong relationship between cognitive skills development and poverty.

Having acknowledged this socioeconomic reality in print, perhaps future Bee articles on public education will reflect a more knowledgeable and comprehensive understanding of who teachers are and what we do. More so, perhaps those articles will be written by individuals who truly understand what goes on in today's classrooms, rather than being penned by columnists seeking to saddle teachers and their unions with all things wrong in public education today.

Take poverty to task. Let teachers teach.

-- Robert Peters, Sacramento

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