Letters to the Editor

July 24, 2014

Israel desires peace, Hamas keeps fighting

Re "Casualty numbers raise questions about Gaza war" (Nation/World, July 23): The Bee need not take Israel's word on Hamas storing rockets in civilian centers. Already, the U.N. -- no friend of the Jewish state -- has twice discovered missiles stored in schools. Tragically, the U.N. returned these tools of terror to Hamas. Indeed, one can find footage on YouTube of Hamas rockets fired from crowds of onlooking children and apartment rooftops. One can see images of an Israeli kindergarten leveled by Hamas rockets and tours of tunnels built to murder Israeli civilians.

As they comfort their children in bomb shelters, Israeli civilians long for peace. Thus, Israel accepted the recent ceasefire proposal. Hamas elected to keep firing rockets at Israeli civilians. Palestinian casualties play into Hamas' strategy. To the list of Palestinian tragedies, can any be as grave as their terrorist leadership, more interested in killing Israeli children than at protecting their own?

-- Jordan Magill, Sacramento

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