Letters to the Editor

July 25, 2014

New 49er stadium needs new rules

Re "49ers' green stadium gets them gold status" (Sports, July 22): Hopefully, the new stadium will have a few more rules to make things more family friendly.

I attended a game last year, which was my first in several years, and I am still amazed about the things I saw and heard. Some peoples' language for one, was unbelievable in a public place with women and children everywhere. I'm in construction, and it embarrassed me, because of the lack of respect for others. Glad I didn't have my wife or grandkids.

I also saw a man urinating up against the wall, who evidently couldn't wait in line. Walking back to my vehicle was also quite an experience. It looked like a garbage bomb hit the lot, let alone the vomit we had to walk through. I know it should be a great time, but wow.

Have to say, AT&T Park was great. They do it right.

-- Frank Isaac, Roseville

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