Letters to the Editor

July 26, 2014

The Gaza situation

Re "Hamas didn't break peace" and "Column lets U.S. responsibility for violence off the hook" (Letters, July 24): Finally, people some people examine the crisis in Gaza and speak the truth. Print and broadcast generally report one side of the conflict which usually is in support of bombing Gaza. A letter last week asked why Hamas did not build an Iron Dome. It is because the U.S. has not given them close to a billion dollars for the construction as it has given Israel.

When NBC reporter Ayman Mohyeldin reported on the bombing deaths of four Palestinian boys playing soccer on a deserted beach, he was pulled and replaced by Richard Engle. One has to wonder why an experienced reporter who has covered Gaza for six years had his story given to another reporter.

My thanks to Barbara Candy and David L. Mandel for their informed comments. As citizens of this country, we are responsible for knowing how our tax dollars are spent and the results.

-- Joyce Williams, Sacramento

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