Letters to the Editor

July 26, 2014

Hamas: barrier to peace

Re "Hamas didn't break peace" (Letters, July 24): Barbara Candy believes thousands of rockets and mortars launched at Israel since August 2013 were peace overtures. There's been no peace since Hamas took over Gaza. Virtually every day since 2001, there have been rockets and mortar shells launched at Israel.

The disproportion is because Hamas fires RPGs, AK47s and rockets from hospitals, schools and private residences. Israel shields its citizens with the Iron Dome and bomb shelters, while Hamas uses its citizens to shield itself and weapons.

She claims Israel's army is the fourth largest. It's actually the 20th largest with 749,500 active duty and reserve. The fourth largest is India, with 4,768,407.

Until Hamas no longer exists, there will be no peace. From Hamas' charter: "Israel will rise and will remain erect until Islam eliminates it as it had eliminated its predecessors." There can't be negotiations when one side has sworn to kill the other

-- Michael Mendershausen, El Dorado Hills

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