Letters to the Editor

July 27, 2014

Obamacare: what the courts should do

Re "Judges use any argument they can to gut health care reform" (Viewpoints, July 24): E.J. Dionne Jr. rails against the federal appeals court that ruled correctly that Obamacare only funds subsidies for exchanges run by the states. Another court ruled that the feds could pay subsidies, basically saying that's what the law should have said and the fact that the law didn't say that should not impede its implementation.

Basically saying the courts should rewrite bad laws to make them work. That's not what the courts are for. They are supposed to follow the law and enforce it, not make it. The problem with Obamacare is not the courts, it's the fact that it was written by clueless staff and interns and voted on by politicians like Nancy Pelosi who admittedly had no clue as to what was in it.

Remember "Pass it to see what's in it?" That's one of the dumbest remarks ever made.

-- George Alger, Placerville

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