Letters to the Editor

July 27, 2014

Repealing critical welfare reform is a ludicrous proposition

Re "State must repeal a cruel and unjust welfare law" (Viewpoints, July 19): There is nothing unjust and certainly nothing cruel about the Maximum Family Grant, which discourages welfare recipients with children from having additional children they can't afford.

Don't be buffaloed by Jessica Bartholow's specious arguments and meaningless statistics. The bottom line is that the state already provides qualifying applicants and all of their children (no matter the number) with food stamps, Cash Aid and other program benefits.

All the state and taxpayers ask for in return is that recipients refrain from having more children they can't support while receiving aid.

I implore the Legislature, the Governor, The Bee's readers and taxpayers to standup against this annual assault on reason.

Instead of benefiting children and their parents, repealing the MFG would encourage the birth of more children into poverty and send the wrong message to parents who need to accept more responsibility for family planning.

-- Paul Warrick, West Sacramento

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