Letters to the Editor

July 27, 2014

Gov. Brown's Mexico visit sends wrong message

Re "Brown may dodge key issues in Mexico visit" (Page A1, July 27): Mexico is our border neighbor but not a nice one.

Mexico is keeping one of our marines in prison for just making a wrong turn, and because of Mexico's arrogance not even President Obama, Secretary John Kerry or other Washington officials can get that poor marine a trial or released. What an insult to our leaders in Washington and the American people.

Mexico is so corrupt and poorly run that 11 million of their citizens would rather live in the USA illegally than go home. Additionally, millions more have come here legally and chose to stay here and become American citizens.

The final insult is Mexico is now just passing through thousands of Central American children.

Perhaps if Gov. Brown wants to do something meaningful, he should send a message that he is boycotting Mexico until they start acting like a responsible neighbor.

-- Stephen Kardys, Lincoln

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