Letters to the Editor

July 28, 2014

Top two is bottom two in Placer County

Re "Can open primaries save the world?" (Editorial, July 28): Sen. Chuck Schumer is wrong to suggest the top two election process is a good idea. For who? If one lives in a civilized community and has a chance to vote for either Assemblyman Roger Dickinson or Assemblyman Richard Pan, that is a good choice.

This year I get to choose from tea party member Tom McClintock or another Republican. Two years ago, I got to choose between Beth Gaines, who doesn't believe in liberty and justice for all, or Andrew Pugno, the author of Proposition 8. As a liberal Democrat who has seen the damage Republicans have done to this country, I am being disenfranchised when my only choice for office is between two right-wing wackos.

Democrats may not win in Placer County yet, but at least I would have someone to vote for if we went back to the earlier system. I don't vote for Republicans, so what do I do?

-- Gary Miller, Roseville

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