Letters to the Editor

July 28, 2014

Solutions to inequality in America

Re "An idiot's guide to inequality" (Viewpoints, July 24) Since inequality in America is destabilizing, who will act? Currently, Congress is not working well as witnessed by the passing of a child tax cut for the rich, without extending the tax cut for the poor.

Congress will act if they hear from citizens. First with votes in the primaries and off year elections, and with our voices demanding an end to the inequality that is has America's approaching some traditionally poor and dysfunctional Latin countries.

There are solutions to turn this around, like the child tax credit and the earned income credit. Quality education works as well, beginning with universal pre-kindergarten. When our elected officials receive our calls, emails, texts, visits, tweets and other communications and see we are voting in large numbers, it will be good politics to pass these and other inequality reversing laws.

-- Willie Dickerson, Snohomish, Wash.

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