Letters to the Editor

July 28, 2014

Immigration reform vital for cleaning industry employers

As the founder and principal of Janico Building Services, I understand how undocumented immigrants affect the cleaning industry.

For building service contractors in areas with high levels of immigrant labor, the hiring of undocumented workers is widespread. The practice of workers being paid under the table in order for unscrupulous companies to gain an unfair competitive advantage is a persistent source of contention. This hurts small employers like myself who play by the rules.

That's why immigration reform is so important. A poll by Small Business Majority found 7 in 10 entrepreneurs believe companies gain an unfair advantage by hiring cheap undocumented labor. What's more: a survey conducted by trade publication Services Magazine found a majority of respondents from border states listed illegal immigration as a major issue.

Lawmakers in both parties agree we need to fix the system. It's time they stop playing partisan politics and find a solution now.

-- Lorenzo Harris, Owner, Janico Building Services, Sacramento

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