Letters to the Editor

July 28, 2014

Middle East: Slanted Bee coverage of Gaza

Re "Israeli shelling hits U.N.-run school" (Page A1, July 25): The Bee ran a front-page story July 25 with the headline "Israeli shelling hits U.N.-run school." The Wall Street Journal ran the same story on Page 8 with the title "U.N. Shelter for Palestinans is Shelled", subtitle "Israel says it fought militants in the Area where 16 people were killed, but an errant Hamas rocket may be at fault." The Bee also ran a bloody picture of a Palestinian on the front page. As of now investigators believe it was a Hamas Rocket.

The Bee continues to print one-sided inflammatory articles and pictures of Palestinians who have been wounded in the conflict. No pictures of victims of Hamas rockets or terror attacks. Where were the pictures of the three Israeli teens murdered that started this war? I am tired of your slanted anti-Israel coverage. Unbalanced news is deceptive journalism at its worst.

-- Cliff Berg, Sacramento

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