Letters to the Editor

July 28, 2014

Middle East: Our war collaboration

Re "Boosting Palestinian president is best hope to end war in Gaza" (Viewpoints, July 26): According to Trudi Rubin, the problem of Gaza is Hamas. If only they would be as accommodating as Abbas, everything will be fine. For whom?

Despise that our policy only recognizes Israel's borders inside the green line, we do not impose sanctions for their settlements. Before the excuse for another mowing the grass raid, the life's conditions inside Gaza imposed by Israel constitutes a horrendous crime. Gaza is a jail lacking everything with non-allowed visitors. Israel expands outside the green line and uses military techniques to break their prisoners. Depending on the prisoner, one uses the carrot and stick or just simply the stick.

The problem of Gaza or the West Bank is not their politicians. It is our collaboration in the violation of human rights perpetrated by an apartheid regime with KKK tendencies. The argument that Hamas kills doesn't absolve Israel or us.

-- Maria C. Gonzalez, Davis

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