No more aerial spraying

07/28/2014 8:07 PM

07/30/2014 5:49 AM

Re "A healthy dose of concern about West Nile spraying" (Editorial, July 25): I would like to suggest that the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito & Vector Control officials look into using copepods instead of toxic aerial spraying.

Naled is toxic. It requires a 48-hour re-entry for field workers after application. As a city resident, I was very disturbed by the scheduled spraying over our Sacramento neighborhoods. I have not seen a single mosquito in my yard since early June. Spraying seems excessive and unnecessary.

New Jersey's Mosquito Control employs copepods to eat mosquito larvae. Copepods are a vernal pool species that are found all over California. I have copepods and never have mosquitoes in my backyard pond.

I do not want aerially spraying for all of our sakes, including all the other beneficial insects that are killed by it. Like many insecticides, this is aimed at the central nervous system, and it affects all nervous systems, not just mosquitoes.

-- Molly Ferrell, Sacramento

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