Letters to the Editor

August 3, 2014

Steps to end sexual assaults on campus

Re "Indifference won't end sexual assaults" (Forum, July 27): Of course indifference won't end sexual assaults. However, neither will training classes.

While nothing is likely to end assaults entirely, removing situations that create opportunities for assault will greatly help. Campuses should end co-ed dorms, and have strictly enforced policies against being in the dorm room of the opposite sex. Alcohol on campus should be strictly prohibited. Professors should not be allowed to date students, since an admired man can more easily seduce a young girl who will later regret it.

Then, since it is a criminal act, what constitutes a sexual assault should be clearly defined legally and not by mere opinion since something that may only be a harmless but unwanted advance, though wrong, should not bring a charge that would ruin a life.

Lastly, the best way to avoid an assault is to stay away from situations where they most likely occur. Anything less is indifference.

-- Mike Lamb, Sacramento

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