Fix STRS, stop millionaire pensions

08/03/2014 10:08 AM

08/04/2014 5:28 PM

Re "New Sacramento schools chief in line for hefty pension bump" (Our Region, Aug. 3): For those of us with a cynical view on the news, the fact that newly hired Sacramento City Unified School District Superintendent Jose Banda publicly stated his desire to return to California to pad his retirement was reason enough not to select him. Despite the fact that Interim Superintendent Noguchi was qualified, the SCUSD board decided to bring him onboard.

Now The Bee reveals that his pension in three years will amount to $223,300. To everyone, except those in his pension bracket, this is obscene.

The teacher retirement system recently changed the withholding percentages of retirement for members and employers. This will help fix the fund.

I have another idea for fixing the system, treat withholding and benefits like FICA and Social Security. The current limit on FICA withholding is $117,000. Copy that and make that the limit of eligibility. No kindergarten teacher will suffer and the obscenities will end.

-- Ken Poppers, Sacramento

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