Letters to the Editor

August 3, 2014

Middle East: What will America do?

Israeli talking points are repeated in American media like verses from the Bible. One of the most repeated is "What will you do if someone is firing rockets at you?"

Reality Check: America is not occupying Mexico or Canada. America is not stealing Canadian or Mexican land. America is not making a prison out of Mexico or Canada and holding 1.8 million people prisoners in Gaza plus over another 3 million in West Bank.

So far in Gaza, Israel has bombed hospitals, U.N. shelters and countless homes; killed over 1,800 men, women and children; injured over 10,000 and made homeless over 250,000 Palestinians.

By the way, they have been spying on Secretary John Kerry as well. With friends like these, I don't think we need enemies.

-- Mohammad Arshad, Sacramento

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