Low voter turnout due to Democratic dominance

08/10/2014 2:08 PM

08/04/2014 5:28 PM

Re "Turnout is low because voters don't get respect" (Forum, Aug. 3): Low voter turnout may well be affected by a lack of politician respect. However, there is another that is lurking in the background that is even more insidious.

In a state that is the bluest of any, there is the constant drumbeat from Democrats to increase the margin of dominance and achieve, in effect, a one-party state. We seem to have reached the point of "All Democrats, all the time." No state officeholders, one-party dominance in both houses of the Legislature and the pernicious and devious option of cross-party voting in primaries to ensure weak opposition. So why not a unicameral legislature?

The Republican Party in California is dying. I suspect many have opted out of voting altogether. One party rule is not the historical father of sound and wise government, but it is the father of tyranny. Be careful what you ask for.

-- Donald Schell, Sacramento

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