Sac Bee Headline News Priorities Questioned:

08/06/2014 10:08 AM

08/07/2014 11:23 AM

Re "Russian hackers steal 1.2B passwords" (Business, Aug. 6): The definition of a narcissist: "When the only major newspaper publication in a region places a bold print, front page announcement that they spun off part of their business at a $640m profit, while on the top fold also bashing another competing media outlets (Fox 40) anchor for a shoplifting charge."

Meanwhile, Russian gangs hacking into a third of the Internet users on Earth is relegated to the back of the proverbial bus in Section B? Are you kidding me?

Was this edition of The Bee (perhaps aptly called "B") simply a public relations opportunity to appeal to shareholders, while burying real news elsewhere in the bowels of the edition?

It is interesting to note that the Russian hacking of 1.2 billion users was the lead news story for every national television news network this morning. Where are your priorities, folks?

-- Brian Kraft, Sacramento

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