Inconsistent with reality

08/10/2014 5:08 PM

08/11/2014 12:48 PM

Re "Gas price hike from cap-and-trade will hurt families and small businesses (Viewpoints, Aug. 9): Fossil fuels, including gasoline, are in limited quantities on planet Earth and because of increasing human populations worldwide are being decimated at an ever-increasing rate. Since there appears to be no plan to limit human population growth or limit the use of fossil fuel use, the decline in fossil fuel availability will continue to decline at an increasing pace.

As a general rule, we expect to pay more for substances that are very rare. Yet, Jim Relles asks us to petition the governor to block increases in cost of gasoline. This recommendation seems inconsistent with the reality of our situation of limited availability of fossil fuels and with the disastrous impact of fossil use on climate change.

The use of fossil fuels is a primary cause of global warming and many other environmental degradations. Perhaps it's time to think on a scale outside ones self and consider future generations?

-- Victor de Vlaming, Sacramento

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