Letters to the Editor

August 11, 2014

Shades of Father Divine

Re "Addicts seek peace through prayer" (Page A1, Aug. 10): The so-called drug rehab ministry of God Will Provide sounds like a cross between the ministry of the very late Father Divine who provided housing and food for his followers who in turned worked at jobs and turned their paychecks over to him and the discredited reparative therapy of the Exodus International which claimed it could turn homosexuals into heterosexuals through prayer and Bible reading.

Reporter Stephen Magagnini did not report how much the young men earn each month for the ministry with their detailing and moving jobs and there appears to me a number of different figures quoted as to the success rate.

I wish these young men success in over coming their addictions but urge them to find professional programs and care because religion is just a crutch that adds more guilt if they relapse.

-- Jerry Sloan, Sacramento

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