Letters to the Editor

August 11, 2014

Vote out do-nothing politicians

Re "Dump extreme politicians" (Viewpoints, Aug. 11): This year can be a game changer, as stated by Ms. Johnson, in terms of choosing new politicians. However, let me remind folks that the House has passed over 350 bills this year. Good or bad, at least they have been working.

The House bills must go to the Senate for approval. However, Senate leader Harry Reid will not bring them to the floor. They are basically dead on arrival due to Reid's games. Yet, we all hear that the House has done nothing. The Senate is just as much to blame.

I'm hopeful Americans have been able to determine who the do-nothing politicians are and will vote accordingly. The problem is everyone complains about how unhappy they are with Congress (House and Senate/Democrats and Republicans), yet they keep reelecting them. California is a good example of this. Time to wise up.

-- Debbie Langston, Elk Grove

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