Letters to the Editor

August 11, 2014

Save California agriculture with agroecology

Re "Scientists are rising to the challenges of drought" (Viewpoints, Aug. 11): The Bee published an interesting op-ed by agroecology experts Tom Tomich and Marcia DeLonge. As they note, droughts are anticipated to become more intense as a result of global warming, due to factors like higher temperatures drying out our soil. Tomich and DeLonge suggest we should shift to more sustainable agricultural practices in order to adapt to those dry future conditions.

We're already committed to some global warming and will need to adapt to these sorts of climate changes. However, it's also important that we minimize those adaptation costs by cutting our carbon pollution and preventing as much global warming as possible. California is leading the way on this front with our AB 32 carbon cap-and-trade system, but we also need national and international action. Groups like Citizens Climate Lobby are doing important work in building up grassroots support to stop human-caused global warming.

-- Dana Nuccitelli, West Sacramento

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