Letters to the Editor

August 12, 2014

Robin Williams: Dearly departed cosmic ambassador

Re "Robin Williams, boisterous comedy star, dead at 63" (SacBee.com, Aug. 11): The intergalactic community lost one of its most beautiful and unique shining stars: an outspoken, irreverently witty erudite ambassador of a very widespread galaxy.

Mork/Robin Williams touched so many of us in ways deeper than he could have possibly known, and in the shaken hours since his surrendering to the wicked demons that plagued his private space, we witness again the fragility of the human soul, and that there is a vast difference between the appearance of the egg's exterior, in contrast to what's torn asunder within.

I feel I have lost a true soul brother. May your beautiful soul rest in peace, dear man.

-- Richard Eric Worrell, Woodland

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