Letters to the Editor

August 12, 2014

Plastic or paper? Still a dime?

Re "Plastic bag ban faces tough vote" (Capital & California, Aug. 12): Senate Bill 270 will cost consumers a dime to get any bag from a retail store. Taxpayers will pay for cap-and-trade carbon fee for gas next year. Taxpayers pay for CRV on beverage containers. Businesses increase profits, like Coca-Cola selling 1.5 liter bottles for the same price the 2 liter size sold last week.

How about 20 packs of soda instead of 24 packs? Same price, less product. Even The Sacramento Bee adds a gasoline surcharge for home delivered subscriptions to Rancho Murieta, which is inside Sacramento County but outside a pre-determined distance from your presses.

I didn't think my retirement fund would pay for packages, gas reimbursements and big business greed. Give us a break and include paper or plastic as the goodwill cost of doing business.

-- Dave Mulvehill, Rancho Murieta

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