Letters to the Editor

August 13, 2014

Don't need more dams

Re "Deadbeat dam projects shouldn't be part of water bond" (Viewpoints, Aug. 12): Steve Evans cogently shows why more dams are a waste of money. In fact, all the good dam sites are already taken.

Instead, California should focus on practical, cost-efficient solutions like water recycling, cleaning up contaminated water and better groundwater management. California is the only western state without comprehensive groundwater regulations. According to the Legislative Analyst's Office, 75 percent of Californians obtain some portion of their drinking water annually from groundwater. Even the Department of Water Resources cites groundwater storage as a primary means to develop additional water supplies at a lower cost than most other supplies, including surface storage.

I can't support a water bond that wastes money on drought-susceptible surface storage. Let's spend the money to protect groundwater resources from contamination and over-pumping.

-- Betsy Reifsnider, Sacramento

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