Letters to the Editor

August 13, 2014

Top two system needs to go

Re "Suit challenges top two system" (Capitol & California, July 31): I have been disenfranchised in one election already due to the top two system. I believe this needs to be found unconstitutional, because it does deprive some people of their rights.

I always attend the local Candidate's Nights, as I did in a recent election. Unfortunately, the two names on the ballot that fall were of a different political party and did not include the name of the person I planned to vote for. This system not only disenfranchises voters who tend to vote for a different party than the majority of their neighbors; it also disenfranchises those who have chosen to vote for a minor party candidate or who want to write in a name.

The top two system needs to be removed as it is not in the spirit of our democracy in this great country.

-- Audrey Ohlson Smith, Grass Valley

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