Letters to the Editor

August 14, 2014

Plea to bicyclists

I would like to ask bicyclist to give a wide berth to walkers.

My husband is in his 90s and at his age doesn't hear much anymore. As of Aug. 2, he was walking along the bike path and forgot to look for bikes before trying to turn back and come home. The collision left him with a laceration and concussion. He is still in a care facility, and 12 days after being knocked down, he is still not back home.

Bicyclists, please, if it is crowded, bikes have brakes. Riders can wait 30 seconds till there is more room. It is my experience as a bicyclist that when a rider announces oneself, pedestrians automatically turn toward the rider. That usually means they also take a step toward the rider. A foot or two of clearance just isn't enough.

-- Linnea Fronce, Sacramento

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