Uglification of Sacramento

08/14/2014 3:08 PM

08/15/2014 6:05 PM

Re "Digital billboard OK'd for south area," (Our Region, Aug. 14): Fifty years ago, Lady Bird Johnson, appalled by the ugliness of our highways as she and President Johnson drove between their Texas home and Washington, D.C., undertook a mission to remove the omnipresent junkyards and billboards. With passage of the Highway Beautification Act, she succeeded in getting rid of much of the roadside advertising that blighted our highways.

Now, Sacramento has gone in the opposite direction. Huge flashing digital billboards are appearing here in increasing numbers, hideous visual pollution potentially distracting drivers. And more are coming. The uglification of Sacramento is underway.

Apparently, only the Great God Money has a voice that is heard now, so I suggest that we fight money with money. If we all boycott businesses that advertise on those abominations, we can make them ineffective. And maybe in another 50 years, someone with a mission will take the monstrous billboards down.

-- D. F. Clement, Sacramento

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