Letters to the Editor

August 14, 2014

Protecting an open Internet and encouraging investment

The Internet has been called the fundamental infrastructure of the 21st century. Policies that advance building out/upgrading of our high-speed networks are expanding union jobs in the industry, providing affordable access and digital capabilities for American households and businesses.

The FCC is proposing new rules to protect the open Internet, but some advocacy groups want to fundamentally alter how we access and use it. They want to put the Internet under regulations created in the 1930s for the telephone industry and treat it as a utility service similar to power, roads and drinking water. It's not hard to anticipate the long-term consequences of locking the Internet into outdated regulation.

We don't need regulation that relegates the Internet to the status of a utility. What we need is a balance between protecting an open Internet and encouraging investment to upgrade broadband networks and create jobs.

-- Robert Longer, Executive Vice President & Legislative-Political Director, Communications Workers of America Local 9421, Sacramento

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