Letters to the Editor

August 24, 2014

Violations of the law: not a defense

Re "On a mission to get bikes off sidewalks" (The Conversation, Aug. 17): There is no reasonable argument for violating multiple traffic code sections that would permit or allow cars to drive on sidewalks. The same is true for the operation of bicycles.

I share the author's concern about bicycle safety but not her rationale. The number of bicycle/auto collisions would be greatly reduced if cyclists would just observe traffic rules of the road. It's real simple: ride on the correct side of the road and in the correct direction. Obey stop and yield signs and pay attention to the vehicle and foot traffic around you.

As both a pedestrian and motorist, I'm not interested in colliding with a bicyclist. Ill do my part and would hope that they would do theirs.

-- Ma Figueroa, Sacramento

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