Letters to the Editor

August 20, 2014

Why can't McDonald's serve vegan meals?

Re "McDonald's seeks recipe to move past fast food image" (Business, Aug. 18): If McDonald's wants to change its menu with the times, it would be to have vegan options.

McDonald's in India serves vegan meals, and in this country their CEOs have been addressed by humane organizations and individuals to offer alternatives to products made from slaughtered animals as well as dairy and eggs. McDonald's discontinued its fruit and walnut salad because they've just never been good with serving salads anyway. How interesting, though, that a McDonald's employee bulletin did leak out to the press that recommended to drink water instead of soda, and to eat green salad instead of the fare offered by the restaurant.

Anyway, to offer vegan alternatives, they have to charge more because vegetables are not subsidized in this country nearly as much raising animals for meat and dairy, even though it's why Americans are too fat.

-- Michelle Kunert, Sacramento

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