Letters to the Editor

August 20, 2014

Strong mayor: It depends on your priorities

Re "Hansen takes a risk in opposing Johnson on 'strong mayor'" (Our Region, Aug. 19): Shouldn't priority within municipal government be given toward funding adequate fire and police protection? How about assisting the indigent, public libraries and schools and providing affordable access to parks and recreation for all? Steve Hansen stepped away from the parade of adulation that marches for Mayor Kevin Johnson, he should not be subject to potential political payback.

Leadership is about more than saving the Kings, cultivating a national profile and attempting to vest hiring, firing and ensuring veto power with one's self. Regardless what the future brings, we are stuck now with a mayor who has cashed the city's already tenuous financial check to develop a playground for the privileged. Are the rewards going to trickle down to essential city services, or are they going to line the pockets of the privileged?

-- Tim Worley, West Sacramento

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