Letters to the Editor

August 20, 2014


Re "Kaiser South Sacramento testing patient for possible Ebola" (Page A1, Aug. 20): Three cheers to The Bee for its level-headed, fact-based reporting on Ebola, unlike other news agencies and online phishing efforts that sensationalize and worry the populous to their gain.

Misinformation and rumors amongst the people of West Africa have facilitated the spread of this virus since March. When we are in fear, our judgment becomes clouded, and we are more susceptible to nefarious individuals selling sugar pills that can't protect, or not getting vaccines that could. Although we are still waiting for an effective vaccine against this deadly virus, we have dozens of other vaccines available that protect our loved ones from deadly pathogens that are turned down by fearful individuals daily.

Today, I feel especially lucky to live in the United States with excellent health care, vaccines and diagnostic testing, as well as accurate and helpful information from my local paper.

-- Susanne Lindgren, Sacramento

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