Letters to the Editor

August 24, 2014

Robin Williams: The situation according to Jack

Re "What was Robin Williams thinking? You have no idea" (Forum, Aug. 17): That Jack Ohman's candid admission of his own bout with depression did not appear to produce audible gasps, snickers or the risk of losing his job reflects some progress. It's also what readers come to expect from his soul-baring, unfiltered blog.

Robin Williams' raceway speed wit was grounded in perceptions and insights beyond those of we mortals. He nailed everything.

I've irreverently wisecracked that his own death was a sacrifice to atone for depression everywhere. Our salvation now rests in embracing his saintly kindness and a world view tempered with a humorous creed wicked enough to guide us safely through our own mad journeys.

-- Spencer P. Le Gate, Sacramento

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