Where's justice for CDCR teachers?

08/20/2014 8:08 PM

08/21/2014 9:32 AM

Re "Gov. signs off on court-ordered pay raise for engineers'/scientists' managers" (The State Worker, Aug. 20): California's court has correctly ruled in favor of state engineer/scientists' managers, who sought wage increase parity with the employees they supervise. Equal compensation for equal work is a hallmark of state civil service.

CDCR teachers, who work in state classrooms, have for over six years suffered pay discrimination, based on an unprecedented contract agreement between the Office of Correctional Education and SEIU, the largest state employees' union. At that time regions were drawn, placing teachers in just three of 34 state prisons on a salary scale of $600-$800 below the monthly pay of their equally employed colleagues.

It shouldn't take a court order to right this wrong.

SEIU's failure to defend pay parity is inexcusable. Yet, perhaps worse, is our state's apparent willingness to marginalize its own rehabilitation programs.

-- Deborah Binger Smith, Los Osos

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