Letters to the Editor

August 21, 2014

Ferguson: Video provided balance

Re "Video intended to shift focus" (Letters, Aug. 21): Video intended to shift focus? Perhaps - in that it provided much-needed balance to initial false claims - something missing from most media coverage of the incident up to that point.

Contrary to what the letter writer would have you believe, the robbery was very much relevant to the shooting, as it provided an indication of Michael Brown's likely mindset at the time. An innocent, peacefully walking down the middle of the street, simply does not attack a police officer with the ferocity that Wilson's injuries indicate. Brown probably suspected he'd been made by the officer as the robbery perpetrator, something entirely relevant to the confrontation.

There are too many eyewitnesses confirming what transpired for this to be considered a racially-motivated execution, as certain race hucksters are fomenting. A full and impartial investigation will, in time, reveal the truth. And isn't that what both sides seek?

-- Michael Miro, El Dorado Hills

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