DEA targets seniors

08/24/2014 3:08 PM

08/27/2014 11:47 AM

Re "DEA tightens rule on widely used painkiller" (Page A8, Aug. 22): If Sen. Joe Manchin has a problem with painkiller abuse in West Virginia, he should limit his prohibition efforts to that state and leave the rest of us alone. The new rule will only harm those who need painkillers the most. Sick people aren't inconvenienced. They're just in pain.

True addicts don't care about rules. They will always find a score. Recently, a relative of ours with Stage 4 cancer had to be driven to a busy doctor's office for a hand-written prescription for which she had to wait. Upon delivering the prescription to a national pharmacy in town, she waited for four hours while the pharmacist verified that the doctor actually wrote the prescription.

This is madness. Perhaps Dr Katz should also elaborate as to how people will be more helped than harmed. No wonder the elderly are turning to heroin. Bravo, DEA.

-- Henry J. Szczesniak, Vacaville

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