Letters to the Editor

August 24, 2014

Predicting earthquakes

Re "Napa earthquake: Power restored to thousands; cleanup continues" (Page A1, Aug. 25): On May 8, I sent emails to Redding's Record Searchlight and KRCR-TV listing underground magma flows that I detect and which could trigger earthquakes. First on my list was "East San Francisco Bay Area." It is due south of Redding. The earthquake happened near Napa, which is also due south of Redding.

Other places that I think could shake are: Mt. Shasta, Humboldt County, Yellowstone, 30 miles west of Red Bluff, 60 miles northwest of Redding and near Lassen Peak. I plan to travel and use triangulation to better locate the energy flows in the direction of Humboldt County and Mt. Shasta.

-- Jerry Hurley, Redding

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