Letters to the Editor

August 31, 2014

Are the cyclists to blame?

Re "An improved biking network is essential for Sacramento" (Editorial, Aug. 24): In my neighborhood of East Sacramento, numerous accommodations have been made for cyclists. No matter how much is done to accommodate riders, if cyclists continue to disregard laws, they will continue to alienate and be counterproductive to changing our transportation lifestyles.

Several nights ago, as I was traveling down H Street, I noticed two cyclists riding side by side in a narrow bike lane in the dark. As I approached, one rider began to move into the roadway, so I honked. When I stopped at a red light, one of the riders pulled alongside of me, began banging on my window and challenged me to get out and fight. When the challenges began, his riding partner left the scene.

This type of arrogance and disregard is only counterproductive. If the biking community wants friendlier streets, then perhaps the change should begin with themselves.

-- Kendall Vanderford, Sacramento

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