Letters to the Editor

August 25, 2014

New Laws Help Ensure Students with the Greatest Needs Benefit

Re "California's school spending should target needy students" (Viewpoints, Aug. 21): We appreciate Assemblywoman Shirley Weber's acknowledgement of the Board of Education's critical role in adopting regulations to help improve our schools. California's new funding laws direct more money where students' needs are greatest and grant more decision-making authority to local districts. Weber's op-ed highlighted critical components now included in regulations. Districts are required to adopt Local Control and Accountability Plans that demonstrate how programs and services for English language learners, low-income students and foster youth are being increased and how funds will be used to improve programs and services in the upcoming year. The law requires districts to detail how services- and expenditures to implement them- are helping schools achieve goals under eight education priorities, including student achievement, parent engagement and access to rigorous curriculum.

Annual updates, as required by law, will help ensure that students, especially those with the greatest needs, benefit.

-- Mike Kirst, President, California State Board of Education, Sacramento

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