Letters to the Editor

August 26, 2014

Fixing the world's problems: our job?

Every day, I read an editorial or blog somewhere, that says Obama needs to make up his mind about intervention in some country to stop the horror, America needs to make up her mind, where is our sense of outrage, our sense of duty, why aren't we doing more, etc?

All good questions. The questions that aren't being asked are: Why are we alone in this? Where is the rest of the world? Where are our U.N. friends who will stand alongside us? Horror is horror. Terror is terror. Aren't Russians, Chinese, Indians or Europeans equally horrified and outraged at what is going on? When is somebody going to ask them to step up and say to the jihadists with one world voice: stop. In the name of everything human, stop.

-- Michael B. Creasy, Lincoln

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