Letters to the Editor

August 26, 2014

The Big One: SB 967

Re "Assembly passes campus sexual-assault bill" (State News, Aug. 25): The major bill, SB 967, that will shape gender gaps in California for eternity is about to reach Gov. Brown's desk.

In the 1960s, about 60 percent of higher education degrees were awarded to men while today it is about 40 percent. The goal of the Campus Rape Crusade, which supports SB 967, seeks to further reduce the number of degrees awarded to men by making all university campuses hostile and dangerous work environments for men. Men will be at high risk for false allegations of sexual assault, expulsion and a host of financial and personal losses all linked to having The Scarlet "R" permanently affixed to their transcript.

I urge Gov. Brown to say no to SB 967 and return it to the legislature with the request that all future laws regarding sexual misconduct provide equal protection and full due process both to California's sons and daughters.

-- Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D., Miami, Fla.

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