Letters to the Editor

August 26, 2014

No memorial controversy here!

Re "Adding names to Vietnam Memorial stirs controversy" (Capitol & California, Aug. 26): After the Gulf of Tonkin incident, we were already poised to get involved in the war. I cannot believe that anyone would not note that this very young man was gathering information for the coming war. He deserves to be there with all of his fallen comrades. Having lived through those times, you are part of history. His loss of life deserves to be recognized at the memorial.

There are so many men who came back from that war seriously mentally damaged to the point of a latter self-inflicted death, unable to do anything or to get needed help. All of them should be recognized.

Now is the time while the family who loved them are still living. This is a responsibility of government and society to handle this.

-- Richard Jackson, Folsom

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