Letters to the Editor

August 26, 2014

Spiking is wrong

Re "CalPERS is right on pension changes," (Another View, Aug. 26): The article by Warren Furutani claiming that CalPERS made the right decision about allowing temporary out-of-classification assignment pay to be counted toward retirement benefits ignores its use for pension spiking.

It certainly has been used by management for the purpose of increasing the pensions of its fellow management members. This has been reported in the news, and I have witnessed it at my place of employment. As a CalPERS member, I object to this. It takes increased contributions from the average employee to pay for the unamortized, unearned pensions of management's favored few.

While Furutani argues for keeping this for the average employee, neither he nor CalPERS address the pension spiking by management. Simply removing the temporary assignment pay from retirement benefits consideration within the last three years before retirement would be one way to help reduce this problem.

-- Bill Jurkovich, Citrus Heights

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