Letters to the Editor

August 26, 2014

Ferguson: racism still burns deep

Re "Ferguson mourners are urged to take role in changing US relations" (Aug. 27): I feel your pain, my black brothers on Ferguson and Staten Island. Racism is an epidemic in this country. As an immigrant, I encounter it regularly in many forms. It is painful and destroys my faith in humanity. Hideous racist acts stabs us, the victims, in the heart. Racism cripples and makes us helpless for life. Ferguson's racism will be whitewashed like so many of our other incidents of racism. When we, the victims, defend ourselves against racism, we are demonized by the media. The news sensationalizes our acts of self-defense as senseless criminal acts of violence. Leaders perpetuate racism when they tell black victims to calm down. Such responses by our leaders, including Obama, are wholly responsible for this outcome. What matters is not the color of our skin but the color of our hearts. -- Karahan Mete, Davis

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