Letters to the Editor

August 27, 2014

Safety/rights of U.S. citizens taken lightly

Re "Mexico's president, our partner" (Our Region, Aug. 27): How offensive and insensitive referring to those protesting the Mexican incarceration of our Marine a side show. Why make such a statement?

Had you researched, you'd know Sgt. Andrew Tamarresi risked his life for this country with two tours of duty in Afghanistan, took a wrong turn ending up in a Mexican prison and had his human rights violated. He feared for his life and was beaten and humiliated by Mexican police. Imprisoned since March, the U.S. has done nothing.

It's disheartening and demoralizing that Sacramento legislators jump so quickly for rights of the undocumented. Obviously, U.S. citizens' rights are low priority.

Amazing, Benton's statement: "wasn't sure I'd live to see the day Mexico would alleviate tensions with the U.S. over undocumented immigrants." Didn't think I'd see the day the safety and rights of U.S. citizens would be taken so lightly.

-- F. Joanne Spagnola, El Dorado Hills

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