Hypocrisy is alive at The Bee

08/28/2014 7:08 AM

08/29/2014 6:23 PM

Re "Burger King's deal rotten for taxpayers" (Editorial, Aug. 28): I had to chuckle at the board's outrage with Burger King's possible move to Canada, especially the part about "corporate America nickel-and-diming workers to squeeze a little more out of the bottom line."

When my mother recently moved and we were changing the delivery address for The Bee for her, we called circulation and talked to a nice man in the Philippines who tried- albeit unsuccessfully- to make the address change. Why wasn't that job here in California? The Bee must have saved a few bucks by outsourcing that customer service job to another country.

I guess outsourcing jobs to squeeze just a little more out of The Bee's bottom line is OK, but, Burger King's possible move to Canada to take advantage of a much more favorable tax rate is not OK. Fine, have it your way.

-- James W. Rushford, Sacramento

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